The Sun-kissed Path

The Sun-kissed Path to Early Childhood Development

In today’s digital age, where screens and indoor activities dominate our lives, it is crucial to recognize the importance of getting some sun and outdoor exposure in early childhood. While technology has undoubtedly brought advancements and opportunities, there are certain aspects of nature that simply cannot be replaced. The sun’s

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Music and Yoga Classes

Did you know that music can allow your body to heal, help plants grow, and evokes all human emotions? Did you also know that yoga was originally a practice used to heal one’s body, aid in the understanding of emotions, and ease any nerves or stress? Isn’t it interesting how

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Therapy Dogs, Our 4-legged Heroes

A man’s best friend or so the saying goes… Definitely, one of our favorite sayings because it’s true! Dogs have a way of melting our hearts and providing the support we all need at times. Without fully understanding the benefits of interacting with a dog, a child may feel more

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More Than Just A Parent

Did you know that humans are genetically programmed to have a socially active life? It is a crucial part of the effective development of our daily life. This allows us to connect with our own set of social priorities, feel empathy, and build lasting relationships. However, once we become parents,

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Fish don’t climb trees, but they can swim very well

The internet is full of tips to guide you on your parenthood journey. You can find a wide library of activities meticulously designed to “develop” children’s talents making it seem as though we were all programmed to learn and grow and think in the same manner, and as if we

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I’m okay

I’m okay There is something that is hiding in front of our eyes. Sometimes we can feel it. Other times, we prefer to ignore it and try to stay focused on our work or whatever distracts us from thinking, feeling, and dealing with it. And suddenly, something happens, and we

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New challenges, new opportunities to think, learn and grow

New challenges, new opportunities to think, learn and grow 2020 brought situations that we have never imagined but also, gave us time to discover new skills, new opportunities to advance and achieve different goals. Now, everything is changing again. Change is something that we can’t control but we can face it

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COVID-19 and children’s wellness

COVID-19 and children’s wellness During this unusual year, in which COVID-19 has produced many effects that go beyond the disease perse. This new paradigm involves wellness in every sense of the word, because more than ever, we have to be wakeful about our physical, emotional, and mental health, no matter

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