Our programs

At My First Academy we believe that quality educational child care and family engagement are key elements in a child’s development. You will receive daily information from our teachers, describing your child’s activities and routines to improve their process.

Care and education for each age

Infant Classroom

Loving care and safety
Age range: 6 weeks to 12 months

Encourages exploration and bonding with others, in a safe and loving environment, following strict safety and sanitation standards in classrooms and outdoor play areas.

Toddler Classroom

Discovering new skills
Age range: 12 months to 2 years old

Builds visual and verbal development, physical development, and artistic fun while enjoying creative play and interactions with others.

Toddler Classroom

Learning and growing
Age range: 2 years old to 3 years old

Promotes group interactions through playing and creative activities that enables them to share with others and develop social skills. 

Preschool Classroom

Acquiring knowledge
Age: 3 years old
(by September 1st and fully potty trained) 

Provides experiences that shape a positive attitude towards learning within our children; where they will develop their verbal expression, through conversation and asking questions in order to expand their vocabulary.

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom – VPK

Stimulating their creativity and curiosity 
Age: 4 years old
(by September 1st)

Strengthens the development of our children’s personality through an immersive curriculum and program where they learn to solve problems, respect differences, and express new ideas that leads to kindergarten readiness.


Offering a helping hand to parents who are short on time.
Age range: 5 to 11 years old 

Supports your children’s learning process, by guiding and helping them with their assignments and through their emotional and personal growth. Our teachers will walk alongside them and cheer them up through each of the different stages of their educational development.

*We also offer Holiday Break Care, Summer Camp, and fun Field Trips during the summertime!

We believe that children are active learners

Our teachers and staff take great pride in providing a nurturing environment for learning readiness, where children can prepare for academic achievement and lifelong success, by developing different skills within the following subjects of our curriculum:
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