Building Fun Friendships
And All-Round Skills

Supporting Busy Parents And Guiding Children To Be Their Best With Quality After-School Care

Building Fun Friendships And All-Round Skills

Supporting Busy Parents And Guiding Children To Be Their Best With Quality After-School Care

School Age I 5 - 11 Years | Serving Central Florida


Taking The Stress Out Of Homework

Your child takes on their school assignments with confidence, knowing they have the support and guidance they need to succeed. New and difficult concepts become fascinating challenges when help is at hand.

Care And Attention From The Experts

A team of experienced and qualified teachers watch over, encourage, and care for your child. Together they build trust,  rapport, and a stable relationship, so your child knows they are in safe hands.

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A Focus On Emotional Growth Aids Development

Besides getting the academic guidance they need, your child enjoys consistency in a familiar and engaging environment, where they build the confidence to be themselves and explore their passions. 

Healthy Snacks Fuel Brains And Bodies

A snack at 5.00 pm gives your child the necessary energy boost to ensure they stay focused and well regulated. The emphasis is on fresh fruit, vegetables, and nutrient-rich ingredients, to promote healthy habits.


Time With Friends Strengthens Bonds

Your child builds fast friendships and solid relationships with their after-school peers, broadening their social spectrum and deepening those all-important social skills while playing and having fun.

Building Strength In The Fresh Air

Plenty of opportunities for outdoor play give your child the chance to learn new skills and games, make new friends, develop their physical strength, and a love for being outside in nature.

school age creates a sense of familiarity

Familiarity Creates A Sense Of Belonging

As part of the after-school community, your child feels involved and included in a team. They are part of the family and take pride in their identity, promoting confidence and a sense of self.


We highly recommend it. You can visit in person or schedule a virtual tour via Zoom.

My First Academy follows all health/communicable disease policies from the CDC and the procedures outlined in the American Academy of Pediatrics Model Health Policies and Procedures Manual.

  • Frequent hand-washing and sanitation take place throughout the day.
  • We use a Graco SaniSpray HP 20 Cordless Handheld Airless Disinfectant Sprayer machine every day at closing time to sanitize the school using Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution.

0-12 months: 4 children per adult.
1-2 years: 6 children per adult.
2-3 years: 11 children per adult.
3-4 years: 15 children per adult.
4 years: 18 children per adult.
VPK: 11 children per adult.

Lunch and two or three snacks, all our curriculum, Spanish and computer lessons for children aged two-and-a-half to Pre-Kindergarten, the Baby Sign Language program, and enrichment programs such as yoga, music, singing, and service animals.

It depends on age:

  • Infants: bottles pre-made with formula or breast milk, diapers, a change of clothes, and comfort items, i.e., pacifier, blanket, etc.
  • Under three years: diapers if he/she is not potty trained, a change of clothes including underwear if trained or training, blanket, etc.
  • Over three years: a change of clothes and blanket.

Circle time begins at 8:30 a.m. in all classrooms. If you would like your child to participate, please arrive early. However, it is a requirement to be here by 9:00 a.m., so your child receives all the benefits of our program.

My First Academy uses a proprietary curriculum, complemented by Frog Street Pre-K and Nemours Reading BrightStart.
Unlike some daycare centers, we have an educational curriculum that starts in our infants’ classroom.
From age one. Children participate in various activities throughout the day, some of which are messy or athletic, and play outdoors daily, weather permitting. Because of this, it’s our policy that children must wear their My First Academy polo from Monday to Thursday. Additionally, no open-toed or open-backed shoes are allowed. The most appropriate shoes for participation in school activities are rubber-soled sneakers with socks.
Yes, we require all teachers to be First Aid- and CPR-certified.
Per the Department of Children & Families, My First Academy staff have three background screenings: local, state and FBI.
Generally, we begin potty training at two years old. However, in some cases, we start sooner.

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