I’m okay

I’m okay

There is something that is hiding in front of our eyes. Sometimes we can feel it. Other times, we prefer to ignore it and try to stay focused on our work or whatever distracts us from thinking, feeling, and dealing with it. And suddenly, something happens, and we lose control of it.

If you are reading this and you can identify what this is about, or if you are intrigued, PLEASE continue reading.

The new realities that we have faced this year like home-office jobs, job instability, temporary unemployment, homeschooling, and lack of physical contact with family, friends, and colleagues, can reveal, generate or increase some mental health issues. It’s hard when we know that we have to take care of our children and we have to find the strength from within.

Even today, talking about depression or anxiety disorders is still taboo. The most important thing is to recognize it and talk about it with a mental health professional where we can find possible solutions through therapy or medicine, depending on our particular situation and the specialist’s diagnosis.

Although, at this time we may not be experiencing any kind of mental alteration or disorder, we have to be informed. It will allow us to understand and recognize when it happens in our family or closest friends. On the other hand, life is like a rollercoaster, it has its ups and downs; we may have some difficult situations that challenge us, and the way we face it should impact positively or negatively the people around us, especially our little ones.
So, let’s take a look at some cards that may help us during “rough times”:

Breathe and write

When you are facing a crisis, breathe and write about your feelings and thoughts. This will help you to see situations clearly.

Talk and explain

Talk about it with a friend or family member. Define and explain the objective of the conversation with the person, sometimes we just want to be listened to, and receive advice.

Appreciate and be grateful

Try to find things to be grateful for, that will help to focus your purpose in life. Appreciate the little things, the tiny victories, the little gestures.

Enjoy time for you

Find some activities that you enjoy and do it! For example, read a book, take a bath, eat something that you like. You are the priority, take time for yourself.

Children will be children

Keep in mind that “children are children”, try to not overwhelm them and not take things out on them. They are not prepared to handle certain emotions, keep them safe.

Look for professional help

If the difficult times turn harder to deal with, you have bad feelings, can’t find possible solutions, and if the situation overcomes you constantly, ask for professional help. It’s not about “being crazy”, it’s about being able to talk to someone that may give you light in the darkness, and help you to overcome it.

Our children can change everything in our lives because they motivate us to take the first step and move forward. They are a big reason to deal with difficult situations and find possible solutions to be the best guide for them during their most crucial stage of life, early childhood, where many things are defined, and our influence and behavior are determinants.

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