About us

We provide quality education and care, in an environment where children will be safe and happy, as they continue to grow and learn new things.

We are more than a team, we are family!

With a qualified team and years of experience in early childhood education, at My First Academy, our goal is to make our students reach their full potential through wonderful experiences and opportunities to think, learn and grow everyday in physical, emotional and intellectual dimensions. 

family first
Family First
Children and their family are our highest priority and concern.
We treat everyone equally and make them feel included.
We are honest and others trust us in everything we do.
We want everyone we meet to laugh, smile and have a good time under our care.

Our Educational Fundamentals


We enhance the ability to think outside the box in our children, stimulating their creativity and curiosity through different experiences, that allow them to find different solutions to situations or problems.

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We care for our children’s cognitive development, providing a happy and safe environment, to learn with our highly trained personnel in early childhood education.


We believe in education that promotes physical, emotional and intellectual development, that will guide our children during different stages of their growth.

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We offer more than a regular daycare

We believe that the care of a child should be more than just babysitting. It’s about education, experience, and personal interaction.
We love, educate, and play with your children, teaching them all the life lessons they will need to succeed in their future.
We document and observe all the developmental stages of your child, meeting all their needs to help them grow successfully.
We work everyday to provide the right foundation prior to their elementary school years. We aim to get our children off to a great start.


We are an accredited school under NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation) Accreditation, an indicator that allows experienced directors, staff and parents to evaluate the overall quality of a school’s service and educational structure. For more information about NECPA Accreditation click here.

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