A New Month

A New Month

A new month, a fresh start!

As the summer ends, and the new school year approaches, we cannot wait to see all the new smiling faces this year will bring. All our teachers have been preparing, cleaning and anxiously waiting for the beginning of what we know will be a wonderful year!

What should you expect on your first week?

  • Lingering, sweet hugs and kisses! From both parent and child. It is so important to let your child know how much you love them, and how excited you are for them to be starting school! Give them lots of hugs and kisses, and remind them that you will be back shortly to pick them up from school!
  • Tears, again from both parent and child alike. Because this may be the first time your child will be away from you, it may be a bit of an overwhelming milestone for the both of you. As hard as it may be for some parents to watch their babies take that first initial step into “big kid” school, it is also a very exciting time! Remember to give them little pep talks on your way to school and prepare them to have a great day!
  • Fun-filled stories. As the first few days of school unfold, your child will want to tell you all that they have experienced! Ask them questions, check your LifeCubby App to see what your child is learning that week, and engage in conversation with them.

Whether this is your first child going to school, or your youngest, it is always hard to see them grow up so quickly. Take every day as an opportunity to create memories, and cherish even the smallest things in our busy, daily lives. And remember, “behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed in them first.”

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