For a long time, day cares, child cares or any preschool were considered as babysitting places for young children. We understand the need of having someone watch young children at the time that both parents need to work in this busy society, but, early childhood education has been advancing and proving how important it is to work with young children at early stages.

At the present time almost every daycare, childcare, or preschool has a curriculum to follow and a lesson plan to fulfill the day of our children.

“Children who receive sensitive care in their first three years, do better in academic tests in childhood, had healthier relationships and had greater academic attainment,” said a 2014 study by the University of Minnesota.

Children are sponges and they learn by interacting with others, even through play time, they are learning more than just play. The curriculum in place can help language and literacy development, math skills, social emotional development and much more.

Teachers take great pride in providing a nurturing environment for learning readiness, where children can prepare for academic achievement and lifelong success. Preschools are the foundation in a child’s development.

Preschools are more than babysitting, we are here to develop your little ones for a great life ahead.


Maria Dos Santos
Owner and Regional Director – My First Academy