While I love a good rainy day, sometimes the storm is just a bit too much to even consider going out to splash in the puddles. I’ll admit that we watch our share of television when we’re stuck inside. It’s a lot of fun to pick out a movie to watch and cuddle up together on the couch. But I can’t handle it all day long. So I’ve got a few easy rainy day activities to do instead of watching TV! They don’t require much prep at all so you can just pick one and keep the kids happy while the rain continues to fall!

Get Crafty

Don’t get scared by this idea! It’s easy to get crafty with the kids. There doesn’t have to be a craft plan, just get out any materials you have lying around the house and challenge them to make something fun! We always have crayons around, so I get out some scissors, glue, paper from the printer and see what we can make.

You can also look around the kitchen and bathroom to see if you have anything you can use like toilet paper rolls or cotton balls! If you have old magazines you don’t mind letting the kids cut up, they are a fun addition!

Go on a Treasure Hunt

One of W’s favorite things to do is follow a map and look for treasure. It doesn’t have to be a very complex map and the treasure doesn’t have to be very elaborate either. Lately we’ve been writing clues to follow too! So grab a sheet of paper and a crayon and write a few clues while the kids eat lunch. Things like, “Go to the place where you splish and splash” (bathroom tub) or “Find a clue where you rest your head” (under pillow in his bed) work great for the younger kids.

And for your treasure something simple like a few coins or even a piece of candy seems to work well, especially for younger kids!

Have a Picnic

Speaking of lunch time, make it fun! Instead of sitting down at the table, spread a blanket out on the floor and pretend you’re outside having a picnic. If you have a basket, it’s even more fun to pack sandwiches and chips all up in the basket and take it to the living room. If your kids are older, let them help make the food and pack it up. You can encourage the kids to use their imaginations to talk about what they see at the picnic or let them bring their favorite stuffed animal along too!